Case Study:
Interrogate an Object

Brockett Horne, MICA


Students select an object from The Archive and “interrogate” it by asking multiple questions:

  • who made it?
  • when was it made?
  • where does it reside?
  • who used it?
  • who commissioned it and why?
  • who is excluded?
  • how was it made?
  • (and many more)

Then, they build a visual response, informed by a broad investigation. See a sample slide deck here: bit.ly/brockett_UCDA
Student samples are by:
Ariana Vilchis responded to:
Alexander Girard's Menu and matchbook designs for La Fonda del Sol restaurant, 1960s
Hannah Harder responded to:
William Morris' Evenlode pattern design, 1883
Ryan Kuo responded to:
Tortoise bone with incised script from China, late Shang dynasty, c. 1200–1050 BC
Leah Alligood responded to:
Laini (Sylvia Abernathy)'s Sun Ra sunsong album cover, 1966
Danielle Kunkel
Emily Nguyen
Sunghyuck Yun